Agency work

Under the Secretly Swedish guise, I’m very fortunate to work with my own clients, on some incredibly varied projects. However, as plain old Mark Gamble, I’ve worked as a Designer, Art Director and Design Director for a number of global agencies, as well as some smaller ones.

In a full-time capacity, as well as a freelancer, I’ve worked across print and digital, in branding, brand activation, events marketing, publishing, web & UI design and retail marketing – amongst other things.

The clients I’ve worked with are about as diverse as my design experience, ranging from household names like Google, Tesco and Westpac, through to local charities and real estate agencies. And as for industries, again, it’s a fairly broad spectrum that I’ve been fortunate enough to work across, including: not-for-profits, government, retail/FMCG, sport, utilities, education and hospitality.

The small selection of work on display here serves as a showcase for those aforementioned disciplines and industries. On the surface, they may not all appear to be the most glamorous project examples. However, as a Designer, Art Director and Design Director, they demonstrate my ability to adapt and approach a variety of projects (from a career now spanning 15 years).

This is currently a work-in-progress, so please excuse the lack of detail, when it comes to the approach, problems faced / solved. I will get there… eventually. I’ll be updating these not-yet-case studies during the first quarter of 2023. Until then, I’m more than happy to jump on a call, and talk through these examples in more detail.

Brands I've worked on