Riders Brew Co.


At the beginning of 2020, Riders Brew Co. approached me to give their brand a much needed update.

The first phase of this project has been about developing a new logo, and visual language, as well as supporting collateral, such as beer label designs, packaging and tap decals, amongst other things.

The guys behind Riders Brew Co. are avid surfers, mountain bikers, horse riders, skateboarders and musicians, with a love of Punk Rock. There’s a lot to try and capture there, but I wanted to imagine “What would Riders look like if it was skate brand from the 80’s?”.

With the craft beer scene completely blowing up over the last 5 years, especially in Melbourne, I wanted to avoid going down the ambiguous visual route a lot of breweries have been adopting. Instead, providing the brewery with a more traditional design system, including a logo and icon that was undoubtedly theirs, and label aesthetic that reinforces the brand as a whole – especially when the product ends up on a store shelf, alongside competitors.