Doin’ Good: Old Punx Jog On

As a group of mates, a good few of us are Punk Rock fans. We have grown up going to the same gigs, and even been in bands together. We’ve also aged together, with most of us sitting on the wrong side of our thirties, now considering ourselves to be “old punks”.

As things would have it, we’ve also taken to running regularly (trying to keep the reaper away a little longer), so I thought I’d knock something up to represent our little “gang” of old punks.

For me, running has been very beneficial to mental health, especially in the last year. Off the back of this, a limited run (excuse the pun) shirts were printed, with all proceeds going towards The Campaign Against Living Miserably – a very worthwhile cause, focused on mens mental health and suicide prevention.

Dumb Fun: Zephyr

When one of my close mate’s had his first kid, I wanted to design them something special to celebrate the little dude’s arrival…