Quick Look: The Parlour

Sarah Powell is a radio, tv and podcast presenter, as well as being a wedding celebrant.

Across social media, in particular Instagram, Sarah has a loyal following, and is know for her body positivity and self-celebration. As an extension of this, she decided to launch The Parlour, an online membership programme: 

Sarah asked me if I could come up with a logo that was complimentary to her existing branding, but also wanted it to exist as its own thing. 

Now, to give you some idea of what the logo needed to represent, here’s how Sarah describes The Parlour: 

“Think virtual pink velvet curtains, chaise lounges for us to recline on, finger sandwiches, pots of tea, expensive blankets and gorgeous little cocktails.”

I started with something that was quite unashamedly inspired by the kitsch aesthetic of 1970’s beauty parlours. Admittedly, it might have been a little too much, but formed a good foundation for the final logo.

We ended up refining this, stripping back the the shadows, and simplifying some of the more ornate characters. 


Dumb Fun: Zephyr

When one of my close mate’s had his first kid, I wanted to design them something special to celebrate the little dude’s arrival…